1) How to register?


Users can Sign Up and log in with Manual Registration and with Facebook and Google. Also, users can retrieve/reset the password by clicking on “Forgot your password?” link.

 Please refer to the below screenshots:




On the Dashboard, user gets his profile and is able to update all the profile details. User is able to update his online status, able to add his location, also able to add the profile image, able to write about him/her, also able to add which languages he can know and the language level or proficiency also able to link the social accounts like Facebook and Google. User is able to add his Skills, Education, and Certifications. But a user is able to create a gig only when the user completes all his profile details. 
Please refer to the below screenshot:







2) How to post a gig?


there are 6 steps for posting a gig in the first step i.e Overview, and user has to add the gig title, category, sub-category, and tags of that gig. In the second step i.e Pricing, user can add packages like Basic, Standard and Premium etc with respective there title, description, delivery time, revision and pricing. In the third step i.e Description & FAQ can add this data. In the fourth step i.e Requirements user can add his requirements for that gig. In the fifth step i.e Gallery users can add the video, photos and documents related to that gig. And on the sixth step user can confirm and post his gig.

Please refer below screenshots:








3) How to start selling your gig?


Selling - This option is present in the subheader of the logged-in user, this option has three sub-options i.e Manage Gigs, Create New Gig, and My Offered Gigs. Once the user clicks on the Manage Gigs option display here all the gigs added by that user get displayed and here also an option for Create a new gig is available, it will navigate on the Post gig form. From here the user is able to manage the gig status for each gig whenever any new gig is added by that user then by default the status of that gig is Paused then that paused gig will not display in the gig listing that the user has to make the status as Active then only that gig will be displayed in the frontend gig listing.

Here you can see that there is also an option for making that users status as Busy and I Accept Orders. Once the status is Busy then all the gigs of that respective user will not display in the gig list whether the status is active. Once that user makes the status as I accept orders then all his gigs with status Active will display in the gig listing. Here the status Drafts include the gigs of which all the required details are not entered by that user. All the gigs under the status Paused and Drafts will not display in the Gig listing and from here also users can Edit, Delete and View any respective Gig from the Manage Gigs listing. This is how the Manage Gigs Works for the Seller. And if any buyer is having a URL of a Paused gig then by entering that URL and by clicking on the Added to Waiting List button that added gig will be added in that buyer’s waiting list and once that seller of that Gig makes status as Active of that respective gig then the buyer will receive mail that this gig is active now buyer can purchase that.



4) How to buy service from the seller?


Buying - After you have chosen a gig that you like to purchase, proceed with the payment using Billplz. Currently, we are only accepting online banking payment method. After payment have been completed, go to your dashboard and you can see some subheader. This option of subheader has four sub-options i.e Manage Requests, Post Request, My Saved Gigs, Offered Gigs, etc. On the Manage Requests, all the posted requests of that user will display and there is a button of Post a Request which will navigate to the Post Request form. On the My Saved Gigs, all the saved gigs of that user will display. And on the offered Gigs all his offered Gigs will display. Please refer to below screenshots:





5) How do seller and buyer manage their order? How the order will be delivered?


At the order subheader, has two options i.e Selling Orders and Buying Orders. On the Selling Orders all the Selling Orders will display. On the Buying Orders all the Buying Orders of that user will display. There is a workspace option in the action option, here is where all communication happens between buyer and seller. All the services will be delivered in the workspace. 





6) How withdrawal process works?


The minimum amount to withdraw is rm10. Please take note that the money will be transferred to your bank account in 3 - 5 working days. 


7) Is there any fees involved?


Yes, 6% Tax fee will be charged to the buyer, and 8% service fee will be charged to the seller. 


8) Is adaskill is a secure and safe platform? WIll there be a scammer amongst the seller?


Don't worry! Adaskill has followed the high standard of online security and also has secure payment. There will be no chance for the seller to scam the buyer. The money will only be released to the seller once the buyer marks the job as completed. Your money is safe in our hands till all the job is done and the buyer is satisfied with the service from the seller.