About US

Adaskill is a brand name under Hmg Marketing company. Adaskill is a Malaysian online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. Adaskill serves to allow listing and applying for small one-off jobs, or gigs, online. Jobs listed on the platform are diverse and range from "get a well-designed business card" to "help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery". Adaskill is a company built on the model of listing temporary work positions. Freelancers work in a variety of workplaces, ranging from home to office. Adaskill serves as an e-commerce platform for freelancers and companies to sell their services by using their gigs. The pricing of Gigs depends on how much a seller earns per completed task.


Adaskill was founded by Hilmi Mat Ghani and sheltered under HMG Marketing company. The founders came up with the concept of a marketplace that would provide a two-sided market for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors. Services offered on the site include writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, and programming. Each service offered is called a "gig". Adaskill's services start at MYR 10, and can go up to thousands of MYR with gig extras.


The website was launched in January 2022.